How long do they last? With daily wear InstaBrow can last up to 2 to 3 months with proper care. After time, the brow base will begin to break down and the hairs will go out of place and your InstaBrow will need to be replaced.

How long can you wear them for? We recommend you remove them each night. Depending on the adhesive level you use, in order to stay adhere to your skin through sweat, make-up and oils the adhesive can be quite strong. Therefore your skin needs to breath and be moisturized with a soothing cream at night to soften your skin in the brow area.

What color is best for me? Try to match the brow color to your hair color. If you have dark hair we suggest a dark brown to medium brown to match or a color slightly lighter than your hair color. It is suggested that if you find that your InstaBrow is too light you can always use a eyebrow powder to darken it. An Instabrow that is too dark cannot be easily lightened because chemicals will break down the brow base.

How do I remove the glue from the back of the InstaBrow? Adhesive build up on InstaBrows can be removed gently by “rolling: the adhesive off – start at the part of the Instabrow nearest the nose. Final bits of adhesive can be removed from the brow base with Adhesive Remover or running alcohol in 70%. Do not use harsh solvens like nail polish remover to clean your InstaBrows, harmful chemicals will break down the brow base.

Can I wear InstaBrow in the pool of shower? It is not recommended to wear InstaBrow in the shower or when swimming. The adhesive that holds the InstaBrow on you is waterproof – With silicone base -the adhesive that holds the false brow make breakdown faster and with lace base -the adhesive that holds the false brow itself together is not waterproof.

How are the InstaBrows made? InstaBrows are made from 100% human hair. Each individual hair is hand sewn and knotted on to a brow base and styled to perfection.

How is InstaBrows different from other false eyebrows out in the market? InstaBrows are made with a silicone brow base that mimics your skin and facial movements. The silicone base protects the brow hair and ensure that the hair follicles stay in place for a longer lasting wear. InstaBrows made with lace base are made for those who have sensitive skin and would like to wear the false brows for a longer period of time. The lace base is mesh and allows your skin to breathe.

Can you see the lace mesh or silicone base once you put the Instabrow on? You cannot see the brow base once you apply the adhesive to it and adhere it to your skin.

What is the difference between lace base and silicone base? Silicone base is made with a silicone brow base. Adhesive is applied on the back of the false brow and then attached to skin. Lace base is made with a lace mesh brow base. Adhesive is applied on to the your skin and the false brow is placed on the skin.

I have brow hair, can do you recommend the Instabrow for me? This depends on where your brow hair is. If you are missing large sections either at the front or end of the brow then the InstaBrow can be trimmed and just portion of the InstaBrow can be attached. If you have brow hair adhesive might stick to your natural brow hair and potentially be pulled out when you remove the InstaBrow, it is important to follow the directions of the adhesive to remove the InstaBrows.

What type of adhesive do you use with InstaBrow? There are 3 levels of InstaBrow Adhesive wear Level 1 – For daily wear use strip lash glue (like the ones you would use for false eyelashes) Level 2 – For a 1-3 day wear use spirit gum or lace wig glue, be sure to also purchase the proper adhesive remover. Level 3 – For those with no hair, it is recommended to use lace base.

For adhesive please email contact@lashybrows.com and a consultant will discuss with you the best adhesive for you to ensure proper use and understanding.

Can you trim the InstaBrow? All brows can not be universal, therefore InstaBrows are all made with a long front that can be trimmed down to fit your eyebrow length. Always trim the front first and avoid trimming the brow's arch and ends. Our silicone brow base can be slightly stretched and adjusted over your brow for a perfect fit.

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