Tweezers - Slanted

Tweezers - Slanted

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Slanted Tweezers 

Indications :

Use tweezers to remove false eyebrow from packaging. Start from the front of the false Brow pulling it across gently lifting the false brow slowly. 

The tweezers can also be used to measure from your nose to your eyebrow for false brow placement 

Tweezers can be used for more than just tweezing your eyebrows; they are great for removing splinters, applying false eyelashes, fixing tangled jewelry, picking up small objects, and so much more. For best results, tweeze after the shower, when the pores are open and relaxed. Make sure to pluck at the root, in the direction of hair growth, following the brow's natural arch.

Directions :

For best results, always start by plucking stray brow hairs in the direction of hair growth and after a bath or shower when the pores are open. This way the hairs will separate more easily and it should be less painful.