INSTABrows False-Brows by LashyBrows

Meet the new false eyelashes for your brows. A new beauty product with promises to transform the faces of women, men, and children recovering from blotch brow tattoos, sparse brows, alopecia, cancer, chemotherapy and maybe over-plucking as well. LashyBrows's InstaBrows silicone base eyebrows are essentially glue-on wigs that fill out where you’re bald or sparse.

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InstaBrows - JLo False Eyebrow
$49.99 $29.00
InstaBrows - Charlize False Eyebrow
$49.99 $29.00
InstaBrows - Beyonce False Eyebrow
$49.99 $29.00
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LUS Eyebrow Liquid Glue - Clear 0.17OZ/5ML
$10.00 $8.00
InstaBrows - KimK False Eyebrow
$49.99 $29.00
InstaBrows - Angelina False Brow
$49.99 $29.00
InstaBrows - Rihanna False Brow
$49.99 $29.00
InstaBrows - Kylie False Brow
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