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Brow Trending

Brows are the largest trending niche in the beauty industry today.  From full, natural, run-way brows to sleek contour eyebrows that give an instant facelift, eyebrows frame the face.

False brows are versatile

Damaged Brows

Hair-loss | Over-Plucking | Scars | Medical Conditions such as Hypothyroidism,  Alopecia, Trichotillmoania | Treatments such as Chemotherapy | Hormone Imbalance | Mineral Deficiencies | Menopause | Aging | Blotch Eyebrow Tattoo

Brow Fashionistas

Instant Full | Natural Looking Eyebrows | Perfect Brows in 3 Min | Color Cover up | Sparse Hair Fillers | High Angel Arches | Bold One Day | Thin the Other